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Sparks: Session 1, Week 1

The very first week of the Sparks Studio at Acton Academy of Bergen County embarked the first cohort of Hero’s. The first two days had a lot of firsts for our learners. We learned a lot even though it was a short week! We will be focusing on the social-emotional skills learning in the first few weeks of building the community.

On the first day in the Sparks we observed that there were a lot of new ‘ground rules’ to follow in the Montessori environment. We spoke about them during circle time and as the need arose.

On the second day, we all agreed upon one learner being responsible for themselves as well as for others for the safety of our bodies for each learner as follows:

Rug roller - Cora

Chair caretaker - Lacie

Walking feet - Carlos Joseph (CJ)

Helping hands - Niko

Work space (rug or table) - Kalina

Carry everything in tray - Omri

Feet on the floor - Emma

Chair carrier - Ella

1 thing 2 hands - Ariel

Art pouch - art shelf - Gaya

Getting guides attention - Naomi

Me before three - Ilai

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