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Sparks: Session 6, Week 5

Greetings, Sparks families! Would you like to say thank you to all the parents for coming for the Journey meetings in person with your most prized possession. It was such a joy reflecting on each of their individual journeys as we come so close to the end of the school year.

The Growth mindset conversations were about optimism. We explored what optimism means and how it is spelled using the dictionary. The discussion included the importance of always having a positive attitude and looking at the brighter side of every situation.

Emma is working on understanding the correspondence of the 4-digit number formation and the corresponding quantities using the Golden bead materials. Kalina is understanding the concept of dynamic subtraction using the stamp game. One 10-stamp is exchanged for ten 1-stamps when the carry over is needed. Cora, Kalina, Naomi, Omer, Shelly, Yahli, and Zoey are collectively working on knowing about the animals, mammals, landmarks, and plants found in Australia. We talked about the layers of the earth, the atmosphere and what the scientists studied and found out the cause of the heatwave for them to be inside for one-and-a-half days. We even explored how the volcano erupts and each of the learners got an opportunity to see how the volcano erupts. Ella, Emma and Ilai are getting a lesson on the calendar - months of the year and the seasons they fall under.

For Water Quest: We boiled water (safely!) in the microwave and explored how the ice forms plain water and boiling water. The ice cubes that formed were crystalized and half water and plain water turned into ice. And we also painted with colored ice.

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