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Sparks: Session 6, Week 4

The Growth mindset conversations this week were finished discussing respect focused on empathy for the remainder of the week. When the concept of empathy was introduced, the learners were super intrigued and they were so interested in understanding what empathy is. Omer, Naomi, Shelly, and Omri looked up the word empathy in the dictionary and after reading the meaning of empathy, they explained to the other learners by giving an example of a situation where empathy is used and the guides were super amazed at how they handled it.

Montessori moments of the week:

Emma is writing a story about her mom (Ema in Hebrew) using the Moveable Alphabet. Gaya is so excited to show all the learners and the guides the perler beading heart pattern she created. Emma is working on the formation of 4-digit numbers using the large number cards. This work is the introduction to the decimal system. Yahli and Ilai are working on the Multiplication Bead board to understand the concept of multiplication. The learners place the beads horizontally or vertically for the multiplicand and multiplier.

For Water Quest: This week was about the water cycle, the learners get to learn how humans, animals and plants share the same water for thousands of years. The learners also got to be exposed to the terminology of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection of the water. What made it more fun is that they were able to use their whole body to understand the concept with a song. They also made their own water cycle using a ziplock bag and water.

Acton Olympics: The learners did amazing at the Acton Olympics today. They participated in all the activities, did the best they could and showed wonderful team work.

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