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Sparks: Session 1, Week 4

Welcome back to another exciting Sparks Newsletter! We've had an incredible fourth week of school, filled with adventures and meaningful experiences. Let's dive right in:

Around The World Monday in Rome, Italy The Sparks kicked off the week with a virtual visit to Rome, Italy, for "Around The World Monday." They were captivated by the majestic Colosseum and got an inside look at how traditional Roman food is prepared. It was a journey of discovery and appreciation for the culture and history of Rome.

All About Me Tuesday The Sparks decided to switch things up and moved "All About Me Monday" to Tuesday. On this special day, Sparks led their own morning launch, sharing their favorite toys and cherished moments with their fellow tribe members. It was a heartwarming and bonding experience.

Rules Of Engagement Wednesday Wednesday was a day of collaboration and decision-making as the Sparks discussed and voted on their Rules Of Engagement for Morning and Closing Circle. There were lively discussions around certain rules, but the Sparks came together and reached a consensus. It was a valuable lesson in teamwork and democracy.

Feelings Thursday - Brave Feelings Card On Feelings Thursday, the Sparks delved into the topic of bravery. They shared stories of times when they felt particularly brave and even created their very own "brave feelings card." It was an inspiring day that encouraged self-reflection and emotional expression.

Alpine Friday - Spaghetti Tower Challenge Because of the rain, the Sparks took to the indoors during Alpine Friday. They were challenged to build the tallest spaghetti tower and were split into random groups to make it even more challenging. The Sparks communication skills and problem solving skills were really put to the test during Friday’s launch.

As we wrap up another exciting week, we want to thank all the Sparks for their enthusiasm and curiosity. Stay tuned for more adventures and discoveries in the weeks to come!

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