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Sparks: Session 1, Week 5

Dear Sparks Tribe families and friends,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and full of excitement as we recap the amazing adventures of our Sparks Tribe during week 5!

First and foremost, a massive round of applause and congratulations to our Sparks Tribe for their fantastic victory in the Lip Dub Challenge! Your creativity and energy truly shone through! To celebrate this remarkable achievement, we have a special outing planned:

High Exposure Adventure Day Date: Wednesday, 10/18 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Now, let's take a look at the incredible activities that filled our week:

Around The World Monday: Our Sparks embarked on a virtual journey to Israel, exploring the diverse cities within the country. It was an eye-opening experience, learning about different cultures and traditions.

All About Me Tuesday: In this cherished tradition, our Sparks led their own launch, sharing their favorite toys and showcasing their incredible talents. It's always a treat to see the unique interests and skills of our tribe members.

Would You Rather Wednesday: Sparks engaged in a fun and thought-provoking game of "Would You Rather." The challenge? Convincing others to switch from their original choices, sparking some lively debates and laughter.

Thursday's Emotion Workshop: Our Sparks listened to the heartwarming story, "The Way I Feel" by Janan Cain, and then created their "feelings card" for the emotion of "excited." It was a wonderful opportunity to explore and express their emotions in a creative way.

Foggy Friday at Alpine: The week ended with a foggy day at Alpine, where Sparks faced the challenge of being split into groups and tasked with building the tallest rock stack. Teamwork and problem-solving skills were put to the test.

As we reflect on Week 5, we are inspired by the curiosity, creativity, and resilience of our Sparks Tribe. Each day brings new adventures and opportunities for growth, and we can't wait to see what Session 1, Week 6 has in store!

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