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Sparks: Session 1, Week 6

Dear Sparks Tribe Families,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and full of excitement, as we dive into the thrilling adventures of the Sparks Tribe during the sixth week of our first session. Our young explorers have been embracing every moment, from cultural exploration to deep self-expression, to a touch of strategy and creativity.

Around the World Monday: Our week began with "Around the World Monday," an eye-opening experience where Sparks got to explore the rich and diverse world of Russian foods and desserts.

All About Me Tuesday: Tuesday was all about self-expression and leadership. Two of our Sparks, Marcus and Nadav, took the lead during the morning launch. They delivered their own speeches, crafted with care and creativity. It was an inspiring moment that showcased their growth and the sense of community that we cherish within the tribe.

Wild Wednesday: Wednesday brought a burst of energy as Sparks participated in a thought-provoking game of "forced choices." This exercise not only challenged their decision-making skills but also tested their persuasive abilities. Sparks were tasked with convincing others to switch sides, fostering their negotiation and communication skills.

Thoughtful Thursday: On Thursday, Sparks completed their final "feelings" card to assemble their "Feelings" card deck, a project that has been ongoing over the weeks. This initiative has enabled them to reflect on and express their emotions, contributing to a deeper understanding of their inner selves.

Adventure Friday at Alpine: The week culminated with a thrilling Friday at Alpine, full of outdoor adventures. In the morning launch, Sparks were tasked with creating their own Journey Walking Sticks, a craft that encouraged creativity and resourcefulness. In the afternoon, some Sparks joined forces with Discovery to play an exhilarating game of human chess, challenging their strategic thinking and teamwork.

We are incredibly proud of the progress and growth that our young Sparks have shown during this week. They continue to learn, explore, and connect with the world and themselves, fostering a strong sense of community and individuality. The Sparks Tribe remains a vibrant and inspiring place for our explorers to flourish.

As we head into the seventh and final week of our first session, we look forward to more exciting adventures, self-discovery, and cherished moments within the tribe.

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!

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