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Sparks: Session 2, Week 3

Greetings Sparks Tribe families!

We hope this newsletter finds you well and excited to hear about the incredible adventures and discoveries during the third week of Session 2.

To start the week on an adventurous note, Sparks Tribe embarked on a virtual journey to Iceland for Mountain Mondays. Our young explorers witnessed the majestic Fagradalsfjall Volcano erupting slowly and peacefully. The group compared this experience to the explosive eruption in 2010, discussing the contrasting forces and sharing which eruption they would prefer to witness in person.

Kindness Tuesday was a heartwarming day as Sparks engaged in role-playing scenarios, practicing kindness in various situations. The Tribe explored the power of compassion and empathy.

Wednesday brought laughter and friendly debates with a spirited game of Would You Rather guided by our new Guide, Andrew. It was a fantastic opportunity for Sparks to bond and share their preferences in a lighthearted setting.

Feelings Thursday delved into the emotion of disgust. Sparks opened up about personal experiences, leading to a thought-provoking discussion on perspectives and the diversity of emotions.

The week culminated in a spectacular Talent Show Friday, where groups "River" and "Spy Kids" showcased their unique abilities and talents. The creativity and enthusiasm were truly inspiring!

We look forward to another week of exploration, learning, and fun. Until then, stay curious and keep sparking!


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