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Sparks: Session 2, Week 5

Dear Sparks’ Families,

Our Sparks had another wonderful week in our Spark kingdom.

Monday: Choices

Our week started with a launch about tough choices. Imagine that you are climbing a mountain and your bag full of food drops down. The weather below is bad and it’s dangerous going down. What would you do? Or imagine you and your friends take a walk on a trail and you see a hurt animal. You know it may not be safe to touch the animal but you want to help. What would you do? Would you?

Those are part of the questions the Sparks engaged with in a deep discussion.

Tuesday: Kindness

On Tuesday, Sparks discussed the topic of kindness. They were sharing moments from their day-to-day experiences and what they see as kindness among their fellow Sparks.

Sparks also enjoyed making playdough, using flour, salt, and food coloring.

Wednesday: Would you rather

Would you rather game is one of the Sparks favorite games. 2 Sparks learners at a time, were given 2 options and needed to explain why they chose the way they did. Then the Sparks voted on the most convincing answer.

Thursday: Feelings

This week we covered the word “LOVE”. The Sparks shared who they love and what they love. The Sparks shared their love for their family members and their friends, and some even shared their love for their pets.

Friday: Talent show preparations

The Sparks are preparing for the talent show and rehearsing in front of their friends. We can’t wait for you to see it!

On 12/13 the Sparks will go and conquer a real mountain at the Rocliehg Woods!!! Getting ready for a great adventure.

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