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Sparks: Session 2, Week 6

Greetings from the heart of the Sparks Kingdom! We hope this newsletter finds you well and excited to hear about the thrilling adventures our Sparks have had this week.

Mountain Monday: Climbing Everest and Beyond

This week kicked off with a burst of energy as our Sparks gathered for Mountain Monday. A short video on climbing Mount Everest sparked a lively discussion among the tribe. Imaginations ran wild as they considered the possibility of embarking on such a daring adventure. The tribe pondered the challenges, shared their dreams, and even concocted creative ways to conquer the mighty Everest. It was an inspiring start to the week, filled with dreams of scaling new heights.

Kindness Tuesday: A Playful Lesson in Empathy

On Kindness Tuesday, our Sparks engaged in heartwarming scenarios that tested their ability to be kind in challenging situations. It was truly uplifting to witness our learners embrace empathy and compassion, demonstrating the power of kindness even in the face of difficulty. These valuable lessons will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their character and interactions.

Wednesday Wonder: "Would You Rather" and Introspection

Wednesday unfolded with an intriguing game of "Would You Rather," leading our Sparks into a realm of choices and introspection. Each learner bravely shared their preferences, providing insightful explanations for their decisions. This exercise not only strengthened their critical thinking skills but also fostered a deeper understanding of themselves and their peers.

Feelings Launch: Exploring Guilt on Thursday

Thursday's Feelings Launch delved into the complex emotion of guilt. Our Sparks explored the concept of guilt and shared moments from their past where this emotion played a role. This open discussion allowed for a shared understanding, reinforcing the importance of acknowledging and addressing our emotions within the tribe.

Talent Show Fever: Friday Fun and Practice

As the week drew to a close, the tribe gathered for an energetic talent show practice. The Sparks, realizing it was their last chance to practice their talents, brought forth a burst of creativity and enthusiasm. We're eagerly anticipating the exhibition next week, where our talented Sparks will shine brightly.

Upcoming Adventure: Field Trip on Wednesday

A friendly reminder to all families that our upcoming field trip is scheduled for next Wednesday 12/13 to hike a mountain at Rockleigh Woods. 

Please ensure your Sparks are dressed warmly and equipped with water bottles for our exciting hike.

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