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Sparks: Session 3, Week 2

Greetings Sparks’ Families! It's been an exciting second week of Session 3, filled with engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions. Let's dive into the highlights!

Market Mondays: Financial Wisdom Unleashed We kicked off the week with our brand-new initiative, Market Mondays. Sparks delved into a discussion on saving, spending, and investing after watching a captivating video on financial management. Notably, Sparks shared intriguing perspectives on using their hard-earned savings to assist friends or family members.

Tuesday Exploration: Virtual Trip Around North America Tuesday morning brought another round of exploration as Sparks took a virtual journey around their home continent, North America. This immersive experience allowed Sparks to connect with the diverse cultures and landscapes within their reach.

Team Building Triumph: One Word at a Time The team-building activity on Tuesday posed a unique challenge to Sparks. They collaborated to "write" a letter to Saiim, using only one word per learner. After a few attempts, the Sparks successfully crafted a “letter”, showcasing their teamwork and communication skills.

Wacky Wednesday: The Pet Dilemma Wacky Wednesday took a turn towards the animal kingdom as Sparks launched into a discussion on pet ownership responsibilities. Debates arose on whether to opt for high-maintenance yet fun pets like horses or dogs, or choose low-maintenance options like fish or turtles. This sparked a profound conversation on responsibilities and commitments.

Two Stars and A Wish: Peer Feedback Series Thursday introduced a new series in the Sparks Studio – Two Stars and A Wish. Sparks split into smaller groups, offering warm and constructive feedback to each other in a respectful manner. This 360 peer review added a valuable layer of reflection, communication, and growth to the tribe dynamic.

Fitness Friday: Strengthening the Sparks Spirit The week concluded on a high note with Fitness Friday. Sparks embraced workouts targeting their back muscles, showcasing their commitment to physical well-being and the willingness to challenge themselves.

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