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Sparks: Session 3, Week 3

Greetings, Sparks' Tribe families! This week kicked off uniquely as we returned from a holiday, launching into our school week on a Tuesday with unwavering focus. Despite the break, our Sparks were committed to their learning journey.

On Tuesday, we dove into an essential life lesson by exploring the disparity between needs and wants. The Sparks engaged in a thoughtful discussion, sharing their perspectives on what they consider necessities versus desires and the best ways to spend their money. 

Wednesday brought a glimpse into the distant future as our Sparks watched a video about what our planet might look like in 1000 years. They then discussed what they would like the planet to be like in the distant future. The vibrant exchange of ideas showcased their creativity and aspirations for the future.

Thursday was marked by a special moment of reflection and collaboration. The Sparks participated in a "two stars and a wish" session, providing constructive feedback to their Guides. This not only holds our Guides accountable but also fosters an environment where learners feel empowered to share their thoughts and feelings with the entire tribe.

As we approached the end of the week on Friday, the Sparks exhibited resilience and vigor. The Sparks enjoyed an impromptu launch that challenged them to examine where they feel their tribe is at and what kind of tribe they want to become. Breaking down our launch even further; Sparks voted on what aspects they think they should focus on, as a tribe, between being intentional, being civil, having energy, or producing excellence. After their debate, Sparks enjoyed a team building activity that truly tested their cooperation and communication skills. 

Here's to the Sparks' Tribe for another inspiring week of growth and learning! 🚀✨

Sparks will have their field trip to an indoor sports complex called Field House on Thursday February 1st. 


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