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Sparks: Session 3, Week 5

Greetings, Spark families! 

As we approach the end of another engaging session, the Sparks have been on a rollercoaster of experiences, learning, and bonding. Let's dive in!

Market Monday Buzz: The week kicked off with Market Monday, where Sparks delved into discussions about their financial goals. The studio was abuzz with strategic planning as they counted down the days left in the session. Budgeting became the key focus, igniting a flame of determination among our Sparks to meet their goals.

Virtual European Expedition: On Tuesday, the Sparks embarked on a virtual trip to Europe, exploring the myriad of cultures that make up this diverse continent. The experience broaden their horizons, fostering an appreciation for global diversity and connecting them with the wider world.

Lighthouse Adventures on Wednesday: Midweek, Sparks gathered around to watch a captivating video about a historic lighthouse. The subsequent discussion posed a fascinating question: Would they prefer being stuck on a boat during a storm or stranded on an island with no materials? The Sparks surprised us with their insightful and imaginative answers, sparking rich conversations.

Two Stars and a Wish Thursday: Thursday was a day filled with warmth and positive energy as Sparks participated in "Two Stars and a Wish Thursday." The studio echoed with kind words and well-wishes, showcasing the growing camaraderie among the Sparks. Each week, their Thursday launches reveal a deeper level of comfort and connection, turning the Sparks into a tight-knit tribe.

Fitness Friday Leg Day: The week culminated in an energetic Fitness Friday with a focus on leg workouts. Sparks passionately selected exercises to strengthen their legs, setting the stage for the upcoming "Sparklympics" next Friday. Get ready for a mini-Olympic extravaganza where Sparks will raise the challenge bar in our weekly competitions!

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