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Sparks: Session 3, Week 6

Dear Sparkling Families,

As we bid farewell to Session 3, we're bursting with pride to share the extraordinary accomplishments of our Sparks Tribe throughout this week filled with focus, fun, and excitement. The tribe has truly embodied the spirit of being fearless, determined, and kind, making every moment count.

This week was marked by monumental achievements. First and foremost, our Sparks Tribe accomplished their financial goals, showcasing remarkable teamwork, diligence, and dedication. Not only did they conquer their budget, but they also defeated our studio monster, demonstrating resilience and unity.

In addition to their financial triumphs, our Sparks showed boundless curiosity and cultural appreciation during our virtual trip to Asia on Tuesday. Wednesday brought insights into the wonders of rivers, lakes, and marshes, igniting a passion for environmental stewardship.

Thursday witnessed the heartwarming launch of "2 Stars and a Wish," fostering a culture of kindness and support that defines our Sparks Kingdom. The accumulation of 100 kindness stars reflects the genuine care and compassion within our tribe.

To culminate our session, Fitness Friday transformed into the exhilarating "Sparklympics," where our Sparks showcased their strength and agility in various challenges. Though only a few emerged victorious, every participant demonstrated unwavering determination and sportsmanship.

As we prepare for a well-deserved break, let's celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Sparks Tribe. Thank you for entrusting us with your children, and we look forward to more adventures ahead.

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