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Sparks: Session 4, Week 3

Greetings, Sparks Families!

As we delve deeper into the wonders of the universe, Week 3 of Session 4 brought us eye-opening experiences and thought-provoking discussions.

🚀 Movement Monday: Our Movement Monday kicked off with a mind-blowing revelation about the movement of our solar system. Sparks witnessed  how the sun, our guiding star, is also in motion while planets orbit around it. It was a mesmerizing realization that left us in awe of the cosmic dance around us.

🪐 Terrestrial Tuesday: On Terrestrial Tuesday, we gazed toward the future as we pondered the possibility of human civilization on Mars. Sparks engaged in a stimulating debate, grappling with the idea of leaving behind familiarity for the allure of the unknown. The tribe found themselves divided, each perspective adding depth to our collective understanding.

Wondrous Wednesday: Wednesday brought us closer to the mysteries of celestial bodies as Sparks delved into the formation of stars and planets. It was a journey through the cosmos that left us marveling at the intricate processes that shape the universe.

💫 Two Stars and a Wish Thursday: Sparks tapped into their emotional reservoirs on Thursday, sharing heartfelt sentiments with fellow tribe members. It was a moment of vulnerability and connection as we strengthened the bonds within our community.

🏃 Fitness Friday: The week concluded with a burst of energy as Sparks took on the challenge of a 100m dash! It was inspiring to witness the determination and grit displayed by every member of the tribe.

Stay curious, stay active, and stay connected, Sparks Tribe! We'll see you next week for another thrilling adventure in learning.

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