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Sparks: Session 4, Week 6

Greetings, Sparks Tribe!

As we bid adieu to Session 4, let's reminisce on the whirlwind of activities that filled our final week with wonder and excitement!

Movement Mondays: We kicked off the week with a cosmic leap into deep space exploration! Sparks embarked on a journey through the cosmos, igniting their curiosity about the mysteries beyond our planet.

Thoughtful Tuesdays: Sparks engaged in a riveting debate session, exploring their sentiments towards various animals. It was a challenging yet enriching experience as they endeavored to sway opinions and foster understanding among peers.

Wondrous Wednesday: Delving into the depths of the ocean, Sparks discovered the awe-inspiring world beneath the waves. From the surface to the abyssal zone, they marveled at the diversity of marine life dwelling in the deep.

Thrilling Thursday: Breaking from routine, Sparks embarked on an exhilarating field trip to The Liberty Science Center. From immersive planetarium shows to hands-on exhibits, they immersed themselves in the wonders of science and exploration.

Farewell Friday: Our hearts were filled with bittersweet emotions as we bid farewell to Aviya, Emma C, and Petra. Their journey with Sparks Tribe may be concluding, but their Hero’s Journey will continue into Discovery and beyond. 

As we embrace the upcoming break, let's cherish the memories shared and the bonds forged during Session 4. Take this time to rejuvenate and recharge, for exciting adventures await us in the sessions to come.

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