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Sparks: Session 5, Week 3

This week the learners experienced doing a running stitch. They started exploring and understanding the concept of time, diving deeper into Geometry - the study of lines and understanding more about botany - plant classification and the needs of the plant.

We celebrated Shelly’s place on earth and learned about the timeline of her life from both hers and her parents perspective. This was just precious and memorable for her.

For the Quest, the learners this week planted carrots and lima beans. Understanding that some plants that we eat grow above ground and some of them are the roots. We observed the butterflies for a couple of days before we released them to their natural habitat.

This week we introduced socratic launches during the morning group time.

On Friday, the learners are enjoying their visits to the Memorial field. When it started raining, we came back and celebrated that we all got wet in the rain!

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