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Sparks: Session 5, Week 5

We're buzzing with excitement as we wrap up the fifth week of Session 5, gearing up for the Children's Business Fair next weekend. It's been an electrifying week filled with creativity, learning, and some thought-provoking discussions.

Our week started with Money Monday, where we dove into the world of personal finance and marketing. Witnessing a 12-year-old entrepreneur pitch her business to successful business owners sparked inspiration among our Sparks Tribe. The question posed about the lengths we'd go to secure investment for our businesses sparked lively discussions, showcasing the innovative minds within our tribe.

Tulip Tuesday took us deep into the rainforests as we pondered what it means to be stewards of such precious ecosystems. The debate was intense as we discussed whether to protect the rainforest, exploit its resources, or maintain the status quo. It was a reminder of the power we hold to shape our world's future.

Wednesday brought wonder as Aleks from Journey Studio enlightened us about fish habitats. Learning about the diversity of aquatic life sparked curiosity and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Family Business Thursday was a treat as Kim shared her expertise in the world of marketing, opening our eyes to the global landscape of technology and marketing. Her insights added fuel to our entrepreneurial ambitions.

And on Friendship Friday, Soraya from Journey Studio guided us through the nuances of friendships, exploring the dynamics between best friends and acquaintances. It was a heartwarming discussion that reminded us of the importance of connection and support.

With only one week left in this session, the excitement is palpable as we fine-tune our business signs and products for Children’s Business Fair next weekend. 

As we head into the weekend, we wish all the mothers in our tribe a Happy Mother's Day! 

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