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Sparks: Session 5, Week 6

Greetings, Sparks Tribe families!

As Session 5 comes to a close, our Sparks have been busier than ever, channeling their energy and creativity into preparations for the upcoming Children's Business Fair. Here’s a look back at our final, action-packed week.

Market Monday kicked off with an enlightening video about the concept of money and resilience. The Sparks were inspired by a family who runs a cheese business, demonstrating perseverance despite repeatedly placing second or third in competitions. Their determination paid off when they eventually won a major competition. Our Sparks had a thoughtful discussion, considering how they would handle such a situation if it were their family. This exercise helped them understand the importance of resilience in business and life.

Tulip Tuesday focused on the theme of growth in business. The Sparks watched an engaging video about a group of boys, aged 6-11, who started their own cookie company. Despite facing numerous challenges, the boys managed to grow their business successfully. The Sparks reflected on the obstacles they might encounter and brainstormed solutions, learning valuable lessons about adaptability and perseverance.

On Wondrous Wednesday, we welcomed Aleks from the Journey Studio, who led a fascinating science-based session on liquids and solids. The highlight was making Oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid that behaves like both a liquid and a solid. The hands-on experiment was a hit, sparking curiosity and excitement among the Sparks.

Business Thursday featured a Hero's Visit from Min, an expert in acupuncture. The Sparks were captivated as Min demonstrated acupuncture techniques on her son, showcasing the intricate and fascinating world of this powerful traditional healing practice. The experience left them in awe and expanded their understanding of different professional fields.

Finally, on Friday, the Sparks enjoyed a fun-filled day at Alpine with Soraya from Journey Studio, who gave a launch about summer. The discussion about summer plans and activities was a perfect way to wrap up the week, filling the Sparks with excitement for the sunny days ahead.

Remember, this Saturday is our much-anticipated Children's Business Fair. We can't wait to see the creative businesses our Sparks have developed. Thank you for all your support throughout this session. Let’s make the Business Fair a grand success!

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