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Sparks: Session 6, Week 1

This week we started speaking more in depth about the Growth mindset and reflecting on how we are managing ourselves and our mind. It focuses on the socratic discussions and further delves into the learners having the responsibility of their own learning and making better choices. How are they making better choices? They are understanding what the consequences will be of each choice and reflect again at the end of the morning. We have been watching short 3 minute videos to help us in this process.

We introduced books on tape where the learners are able to listen to a story and follow along with the book. For improving their fine motor skills, we have introduced the playdoh alphabet.

For Water Quest, we learned about water density. The scientists did science experiments to understand the concept of density, and if the blueberries float and sink with the same quantity - 2 teaspoons of salt, sugar and plain water. The second experiment was about how long it takes for ice to melt with different quantities of measurements - ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, and 1 tablespoon of salt, sugar, and sand and on its own as well. It was fun to explore and understand the difference between how long it takes for each one and do a comparison.


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