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Sparks: Session 6, Week 2

Welcome back, Sparks Tribe, to another thrilling week of exploration, growth, and camaraderie! Let's dive right into the exciting adventures and discoveries from our second week of Session 6.

Making Memories Monday: We started the week with a reflection session led by Soraya from Journey. Sparks delved deep into introspection, pondering what brings them joy and reminiscing about their happiest moments. It was heartwarming to witness the Sparks sharing their cherished memories with such openness and sincerity.

Tinkering Tuesday: With the Acton Olympics on the horizon, Sparks embraced the mindset of Olympic athletes. They engaged in practice trials, tackling challenges that mirrored those they would face in the upcoming event. Determination and focus were palpable as Sparks prepared themselves for victory.

Early Morning Adventure: Wednesday began bright and early as Sparks embarked on a journey to Morristown. The early start set the tone for an adventurous day filled with exploration, fun, and new experiences.

Thunderous Thursday: Aleks from Journey sparked creativity and imagination with a captivating launch on clouds. Sparks tapped into their artistic talents, crafting unique works of art inspired by the billowing formations above. It was a day filled with wonder and artistic expression.

Forest Friday: Nature beckoned, and Sparks eagerly answered the call with a rejuvenating walk in the woods. Together, they ventured into the heart of nature, weaving tales and forging bonds amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for an exhilarating field trip to Xtreme Energy Trampoline Park next Wednesday. Get ready to soar to new heights and unleash your inner thrill-seeker!

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