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Session 1, Week 6

This week the students of AABC wrapped up their Survivor Quest by delving deeper into their identity. They each took a Meyers-Briggs personality test to understand their personality type. For some of the students their results came as a surprise, once they learned what their personality types meant. Some students were surprised by their results, but when discussed it with their peers and how they navigate their daily life, the results made more sense. On Wednesday the students held a discussion where they weighed the benefits of being stranded alone or with somebody. Many of the students favored being stranded with someone rather than alone because they believed that having another person would increase safety. Some also said that an extra person could make-up for the skills that they themselves might lack. Others believed that it would be better to be stranded alone because it is easier when you only have to worry about yourself.

Each morning the learners sit down for a Socratic discussion. Wednesday’s launch featured a short video about two frogs trying to get out of a deep hole. The frogs above told them that they would never be able to make it and the jump was to high. While one of the frogs stuck in the hole listened to the negative voices, the other frog was deaf and could not hear them. He readied himself and jumped out of the hole. After the video we discussed strategies that we could use when we heard our own negative voices in our heads telling us that we couldn’t do something. Many of the learners spoke about personal experiences such as challenges in gymnastics, soccer, or classwork. Some said that they quietly talk to themselves and say “I can do it, and that voice is a lie.” Others said that they try to think about all the things that they have accomplished despite the negative voice, prove that the voice is a lie.

Town Hall this week featured discussions and votes on how to handle job changes during studio maintenance and the possibility of students having the opportunity to create art lessons and execute them for their studio mates. They also took time out of their Wednesday afternoon to pick up garbage from the woods near the school as part of their community service.

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