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Discovery: Session 1 Week 1

Aaaand we’re back to regularly scheduled programming!

AABC is back and the learners kicked off the first day with an insightful morning launch about the importance of building a tribe and how we can help each other have a successful year!

Here at Acton, we have notable systems set in place that plant the seeds for the learners to have a fun-tastic year! Some of the systems we introduced this week were D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read), meditation, and studio maintenance.

The learners broke the ice with interactive team building this week with games like “Ameba” and “Walking and Catching Up.” For this game, we took a stroll outdoors and chatted with partners on reflections from our summer break and what lays ahead for the new school year.

For Quest, the learners were introduced to our annual lip dub contest where each studio gets to create a music video and compete with other Actons! The learners memorized their parts and began forming their choreography on Friday. How exciting!

As our first Special, the Falcons began Art with Nolan discovering different forms that can be utilized such as lines, texture, and space. In addition, they created SMART goals to complete their projects. The learners were excited to create and challenge themselves with a deadline.

We hope you had a great weekend and can’t wait for more adventures next week!


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