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Discovery: Session 6, Week 4

This week in Special for Discovery, learners discussed whether social media and the internet could be ruining our memory. In order to hold onto their memories, learners made Memory Books for the year. This included writing about favorite events, Quest topics, moments with friends, and much more! One particular memory maybe this week’s trip to the Alpine Scout Camp, during which learners went hiking, played gaga ball, and had lots of fun on a giant ship!

During Quest, learners played games led by Ruby and Nina. One such game was Badminton, in which each player has a racquet they use to hit a birdie over the net. Everyone had a lot of fun learning how to play the game!

For CIV, the Falcons continued to examine medieval times by creating different popsicle projects. Some made siege towers and gold mining machines, while others worked on battering rams, printing presses, and heliocentric solar system models. These challenging builds made for quite an exciting week in Discovery!

Written By Discovery learner

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