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Discovery: Session 6, Week 5

This week, Discovery explored Chemistry Quest doing different types of chemical reactions. One of the reactions included vinegar and baking soda placed in a plastic ziploc to watch the reaction explode! In addition, the learners were able to get a few tries and reflect on their experiment once they have completed their trials.

For Art, most of the learners finished making their milestone creations. The learners have a choice of completing 2 out of the 3 milestones over the course , once they have completed as well as written reflections, the learners can move on to create art pieces of their choice.

For CIV, the learners were on a speedy journey to finishing their Medieval STEM projects. Some of these include a battering ram, a siege tower, a Mayan sun calendar, and a gold mine. In order to get approved, the learners are to answer questions, brainstorm on how their model will look and make sure that their models are mobile and functional.

On a fun note, the Falcons enjoyed a field trip to Turtle Back Zoo Treetop Adventure! They enjoyed tackling a variety of obstacles, including tunnels and rope bridges. Everyone had fun testing their skills on the rope course!

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