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Discovery: Session 1, Week 2

We have officially ended our first week at Acton and it couldn't have been more fun and exciting. This week the Falcons filmed their Lip Dub music video. They also explored more unique Acton systems and began working on Core Skills!

In the Discovery studio, the learners created a Lip Dub music video for the song Titanium by Sia. The challenges were creating unique choreography, lip-syncing, and taking the video in one shot while including every learner. By Friday, they had created their final shots and we are so excited to see the final product next week!

On Monday, we launched both our week and morning introducing Core Skills and setting SMART goals on our Journey Tracker. The Falcons showed their leadership and kindness skills by helping the new learners in the studio create their goals. Go Falcons! At the end of each day, they self-reflected on both their focus levels and points accumulated. By the end of the week, they set their own personal goals and reflected on all that they had accomplished in one week.

Moreover, we introduced more systems that they will be using for the rest of the year here at Acton. Some of these include the Donut Zone, Character Callouts, and most importantly starting to create a studio contract and Rules of Engagement. The contract is the pledge that the learners make to hold each other accountable throughout the year. This is created entirely by our Discovery learners with no Guides involved. During our Tuesday morning launch, the learners deepened their discussion with “What purpose does being part of a community most serve your life: protection, fun, or collaboration?”

Other fun activities they accomplished were the start of PE and starting our Art Journey with Nolan.

Next week we will sign our contract and explore our first Quest of the year, Survivor’s Quest!

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