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Discovery: Session 1, Week 2

Greetings Discovery Families,

Our year is off to a good start with our first full week in Discovery Studio at AABC.

We have continued building our tribe this week with more team building games. The learners broke up into two groups and took turns creating an obstacle course for the other team to navigate. The catch? The team had to choose a member to go through the course blindfolded. They worked together to choose who would take on this challenge, as well as team members who would be the ‘protectors’. Everyone worked together to call out directions, and get their team member safely through.

This week brought about the start of Core Skills. Each day the learners break up into their squads, set goals for the day, and then spend time working on core skills. At the end of core skills they meet back with their squad to reflect.

Discovery also began the very important task of creating their contract. The learners reviewed last year’s contract and discussed what they feel are the most important guardrails needed in their community. There have been interesting debates and the learners consider each item from all angles. They are on track to finalize their contract next week.

We are very excited about our Friday at the Alpine Scout Camp!

Looking ahead—next week we will begin Quest (Chess!), Writer’s Workshop (Creating a Character), Art and P.E.

Kind regards,


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