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Discovery: Session 6, Week 6

Hello parents of Discovery!

This week was the last week of the session. This week we had our exhibition!  During the exhibition, the parents got to see 3 discovery learners graduate. They each got to share a speech, then they got certificates and went off the stage. Parents also go to read three types of newspapers that were left on chairs. Then at the end everyone got their falcon bucks and their yearbooks.  If you enjoyed our songs, news, and newspapers and want to see them again or see more then check out the folder at the bottom of this newsletter!

On the last day of school the council worked really hard to plan a fun last day, the learners participated in water activities and they got to watch a movie. They could also just have free time either in the woods, on the playground or they could have fun on the ramp. On Friday they also reviewed 360 degree feedback, at the end of each year the learners give 2 stars ( 2 warm feedbacks) and 1 wish (something the other learner should work on).  They also gave feedback to the guides of what they really liked this year and what could be fixed or made better in the upcoming year.  

This week learners work SO HARD to finish writers workshop and special! They worked during core skills and during any time they could! Finally the time came! They got to share the exhibition, all the final products were so good! If you want to watch any of the final WW projects - hear our songs, read out newspapers, watch our news show, you can check them all out here, in this folder.  Many learners worked on these collaborative projects, and also some worked independently on Night Zookeeper. That's it for this week! Have a great summer!

Written by 3 Discovery learners

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