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Discovery: Session 6, Week 4

Hello fellow parents, 

This week the learners worked on many things.  One of those things was quest.  

Each week for quest this session all the learners moving up to journey at the end of the year or early next year make a quest for the learners for 3 days.  We call it Growing Curiosity.  This week it was Jattia and Zoe’s cooking quest.  For the challenges they had an egg drop challenge, made edible cookie dough, and then on Friday we even got to watch Ratatouille. 

For Writers Workshop this week the learners finished filming either their news report ( A news report about Acton) or parody ( A parody of a song themed about Acton).  Some of the learners also kept on working on their newspaper (A newspaper about Acton)  or Night Zoo Keeper ( A platform where you make stories). 

This week we also had memory book special. At the end of every year, we have memory book special. The learners fill out and decorate papers to reflect on the past year, for example, one of the papers was, ‘what was your favorite part of the year?’ When learners finished filling out the papers, we looked at a Google Drive from photos this year, and we can make a photo collage! 

This week we also had geography special, where we made slideshows about Africa and we had to make a presentation. Multiple people shared their slides, you could pick from 8 topics for your slide, 3 options  were Animals, plants, and major events

Written by a Discovery learner

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