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Discovery: Session 6, Week 5

This week Discovery has done many things - everything from a super fun field trip to also the normal things like WW and Quest.

This session quest was growing curiosity this week it was Omer and Omr’is turn leading video editing quest.  On Wednesday we even had a hero visit with Raymond Burns.  Ray is a former Discovery lead guide but for the quest he was mainly talking about his YouTube channels and how he really likes editing.  He shared that while other people are calmed by drawing, or their passion is some sport, for Ray both of those things were editing and recording for his YouTube channels.  His channels are: How I Dad Raymond Burns and Physics Burns.  

For WW, we continued choose your adventure- the options are night zoo keeper, songwriting, where you make a parody, discovery times which is a newsletter that summarizes what happened this year, and a news show which is kinda like discovery times.  You will see these at graduation.

For the field trip to Darlington lake, the first thing Discovery did was get on the bus ride.  After talking to different learners there were different opinions on the bus ride.  Some said it was fun but some said it was too loud.  There were disagreements on this.  After the bus ride Discovery started playing the lake and swam.  The lake was sandy and almost everyone got right in the water.  After the lake everyone went to the big obstacle course, which was very fun.  Many learners said that this was the most fun field trip ever.  After around 3 and a half hours then discovery went on the bus ride back.  There were different feelings again, even more so because this time the bus driver let the learners choose the music and some people liked that and some didn’t.  

On Friday we had our regular schedule with Board Game time and pretty much everyone played board games.  There were a lot of learners playing Bingo, and also Apples to Apples.  Some learners played other games.  

Written by a Discovery learner

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