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Discovery: Session 1, Week 3

This week learners started their first Quest. The Quest for this session is all about Entomology, the study of insects. The Quest started off with a launch showcasing a 3-minute video uncovering the mysterious life of centipedes, slugs, ants, and many other bugs. Some learners watched with excitement and awe, while others could barely keep their eyes open watching the clip, feeling disgusted by every new insect shown in the video. When the launch was over, some learners could not wait to start their journey on this new Quest, While others felt called to the challenge to go beyond their fears to learn and explore a topic they thought they would only have to experience in the woods.

Falcons were also introduced this week to Art. They were given various projects to choose from involving either drawing, painting, sculpting, or Art from nature. Ask your child what project they worked on and what they are looking forward to next.

On Tuesday, we hosted our first hero’s visit for this year! Mr. Ferral was the lead volunteer to make Ferral Woods (the woods area next to the parking lot) a place where people could come and enjoy the woods. The Falcons had lots of questions for Mr. Ferral. They learned about how he was born in WWII, how he used to be a banker, and all the different volunteer positions he has had in his lifetime.

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