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Discovery: Session 6, Week 5

This week we had a special Hero Visit. The mayor came to visit Acton Academy of Bergen County. The learners asked him many questions concerning his personal life and the responsibilities of being a mayor. They learned that the mayor flew in the air force, that he volunteers as the mayor, and some of the most difficult projects he has been able to accomplish during his time as mayor. Last but not least, the learners learned that he is a very nice person.

This week two learners lead the Quest on Science. The Quest included projects such as making oobleck, walking on water, and optical illusions. We even learned about the periodic table. The leaders of the Quest had funny launches, which even ended with one of the learners singing about the periodic table.

Most learners are getting close to finishing their Writers Workshop: they are memorizing their speech and deciding whether they want to start dressing up as their heroes in the exhibition next week.

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