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Discovery: Session 1, Week 3

Greetings Discovery Families,

What a full week we had in Discovery Studio!

Many exciting things began for us this week. Discovery ratified their contract, so as of this week they are earning Falcon Bucks for their time on task in Core Skills and for their Studio Jobs. They can also give warnings to each other when they find their tribe mates in violation of their agreed upon contract. They are growing in their practice of self governance.

We began our Session Quest this week, which is Chess! On Day 1 the learners worked in teams to decipher scavenger hunt clues to collect all the necessary piece cards, to learn about what each piece can do, and the actual chess pieces to build their chess sets. Once their chess sets were complete they settled down to play and began experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. They are also gaining experience in tournament protocol and discussing how to have good sportsmanship whether you win or lose.

Discovery also began Writer’s Workshop this week, where we are exploring characters, good, bad and inbetween. We listed lots of ways to describe characters and today learners worked to create a character of their own. This will evolve through the session and it will be exciting to see the unique characters they develop.

We had a fantastic day at Alpine Scout Camp last week and are excited to return tomorrow, where we will hike, play games, make a project and enjoy outdoor time all together.

Kind regards,


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