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Discovery: Session 1, Week 4

Greetings Discovery Families,

Things are in full swing for Session 1 in Discovery.

This week we had our first session of Town Hall for the year. During Town Hall learners can propose ideas to make the studio more focused, more fun or run more efficiently. All learners can fill out town hall slips and then their topics or ideas will be discussed by the group. The learners lead the process, come up with resolutions and then vote on them.

Discovery learners have continued developing their characters in Writer's Workshop. This week we had learners present their characters to the group with either a speech or a skit. Everyone enjoyed ‘meeting’ the characters that their tribe mates had developed and appreciated how detailed (and funny!) their character descriptions were. We are excited to see these characters develop further as we progress in the Writers Workshop.

The learners are continuing to enjoy Chess Quest. This week they were challenged to annotate their games. By now most learners have played against many other learners in the studio. Stay tuned for an email as we will be looking for relatives who would like to join us as ‘chess buddies’ and play against Discovery Learners.

Something new we have started this year is Wed-list-day. Every Wednesday learners take out paper or their chromebook and are challenged to list as many things as they can that fir the topic in 3 minutes. Topics have included things you find outside, foods you like, animals, etc. It is exciting to watch the learners work hard to list as many items as they can. We keep a record board and we will see how many learners can get the highest weekly tally.

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