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Discovery: Session 1, Week 5

Learners this week got introduced to the badge system. Some learners were excited about getting badges, while others felt overwhelmed with all they had to do. Ask your child to show you their badge plan on Journey Tracker! The badge system helps learners to know how close they are to moving on to the Journey Studio.

The learners were also introduced to SMART goals. With the understanding of how to make SMART goals, many learners felt more at ease with having a clear idea of where they wanted to go and how to make progress in getting there. Some learners even made long-term plans to manage their goals for the next two sessions.

This week learners did a lot when it came to art. Some learners painted their desks, while others went into the woods and made beautiful creations inspired by nature.

We are also more than halfway done with the Entomology Quest. This week learners built a habitat for mealworms. You will never guess what these mealworms will metamorphosis into, make sure to ask your child to be amazed :). At the same time, they are getting ready for the ants that are being delivered to join their ant farm.

For Writer’s Workshop, the learners created their story maps and started to draft their stories. Some Falcons are working very hard on their writing skills and are excited to show you their products in our upcoming exhibition!

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