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Discovery: Session 1, Week 5

Greetings Discovery Families,

We feel as if the year has just begun, but already we are looking ahead to the end of our session. This week, Discovery chose hosts for our Session 1 exhibition. The learners brainstormed about everything we have done, and our hosts are working hard on the exhibition plan. All of Discovery is excited to share their experiences and learning with their families in a couple of weeks at our first exhibition!

We are also looking ahead to Halloween. Discovery had a discussion about our plans, and learners were voted to join an activities committee and a decorating committee. It is inspiring to see them work hard to plan a special day for all of their fellow learners.

Chess Quest continues and our learners are continuing to have a fabulous time with it. The competition has gotten intense, but our learners are undaunted. In our reflection circle they had the opportunity to share ways in which they can know that they are improving at chess. They are all proud of themselves and their progress!

Our day at Alpine this week was extra special. A beautiful fog rolled in and provided a gorgeous backdrop to all of our activities. The learners enjoyed their morning launch in the woods, playing at the pirate ship, and an extra fun teambuilding game, where they had to work together to protect each other from the “hot lava”. Our hike was extra gorgeous and the field and the fort were super fun as always!

Looking forward to week six!

Kind regards,


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