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Discovery: Session 1, Week 6

After months of planning and going back and forth, Discovery Studio finally got a studio pet. One of our learners initially proposed having a pet during our weekly town hall meeting. Even though everyone was excited and agreed with this townhall slip, this learner had a lot of obstacles in her way before she could bring her hamster, “Snowy.” First off, the church does not allow any pets in the building. She had to go in front of the Church’s Board and get their approval. After that, she needed to develop a detailed plan of how the hamster would be taken care of in and out of school hours. Once the Falcons approved her plan, she brought Snowy to the studio, and this week was his first week as a formal Hamster-Falcon :)

Finally, the day came with Quest when the ants and caterpillar arrived. The ants started digging tunnels in their new home and immediately started working extra hard to breakout. Luckily, they have yet to be successful. Learners built their butterfly cages just as the caterpillars started to turn into cocoons. It will be a few days now until the learners see their caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies.

The week ended with “Hogwarts Day!” A day full of wand making, egg painting, and potion-making. After magic classes, we went to the park to play some Quidditch! The day ended with watching “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Besides being a fun Friday, discovery learners got to mingle and be with the other Sparks and Journey learners. It was a day where we all got to feel closer together as a school, be inspired by older peers, and inspire younger ones.

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