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Discovery: Session 1, Week 6

Greetings Discovery Families,

The temperatures are finally dropping and we have been enjoying the past week in the Discovery studio. Outdoor free time has been extra fun this week. The learners love playing in the woods and any given day different combinations of learners will play different games. One day some of our learners decided that they wanted to make sure the woods were clean and so they spent their time picking up any debris they could find. At the end they had a nice little haul to bring to the trash.

We are gearing up for Halloween. Our decorating committee and activities committee have been meeting and are working on plans that are sure to make Halloween be a super fun day for everyone at AABC.

Our exhibition hosts are continuing to work hard on their presentation. They have shared it with the discovery tribe, gotten feedback from other learners and have iterated on their plan. Everyone is so excited for our exhibition next week.

For Chess Quest this week the learners have been preparing for something that we have been looking forward to all session - live chess! Each learner drew a piece and they will be that piece on our person size chess board at Alpine. The learners worked hard on props and costumes. They had a lively discussion about what is more important about a chess piece - the way it looks or the way it moves. We are all excited to see how our live chess game goes!

Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the lovely fall weather.

Looking forward to week seven!

Kind regards,


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