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Discovery: Session 1, Week 7

IT’S THE FINAL WEEK OF THE SESSION! This means the learners were getting ready all week for the exhibition. They spent each day talking about the vision for the day and coming up with detailed plans for the program. Of course, it’s always a challenge setting a vision and matching the unpredictable realities of the actual event. However, hopefully, everyone still found the day enjoyable and memorable! If you came to the exhibition, make sure to reflect with your child about how it went: you can talk about your favorite part, what surprised you the most, etc.

On Monday, we had an extraordinary hero’s visit with Mark Gussen, the director of the Nature Center in Closter and a naturalist. Mark told the Falcons about his hero’s journey and also brought some exciting animals with him.

Along with ending a session, what’s just as important is preparing for the next session. This week some learners applied to be squad leaders for the next session. Each of the applicants stated to all learners why they would be excellent candidates for the job. Afterward, the learners voted for who they would want to be their squad leader. Ask your child who they want to be their squad leader.

Lastly, this last week was filled with learners wrapping up and reflecting on everything during this session. On Friday, the Falcons filled the 360-degree feedback: Each learner gave their peers feedback about being kind, working hard, and staying focused throughout the session. After getting the feedback, the Falcons were asked what the most helpful feedback they got, what they plan to change, and what they plan to keep.


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