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Discovery: Session 1, Week 7

Greetings Discovery Families,

We have made it through Session 1!

The learners have been working so hard on their exhibition. The exhibition hosts have been practicing and getting feedback from the Discovery Tribe. On exhibition day many learners pitched in to help move materials, set up, and rearrange the basement hall for our exhibition. They were so excited to have their families come and hear about everything that has gone on during session 1. We hope you enjoyed the exhibition.

We are continuing to gear up for Halloween. Our decorating committee and activities committee have been working hard on their plan, and this week they took advantage of the rainy Friday to start hanging their decorations. The studies are all looking very spooky. We are excited to have our party on the Tuesday of the week we return to school.

This week we finished our Chess Quest! The tournament was very exciting for all involved. There was a beginner tournament and an advanced tournament. The learners really enjoyed playing and watching their fellow falcons. The final game had quite a crowd in big room! Whether through winning or losing, everyone gained a lot of experience.

We are looking forward to Session 2 where we will explore marine biology, short story writing, giftable art and gratitude, as well as prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and rejuvenating week off!

Kind regards,


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