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Discovery: Session 5, Week 2

Hello Parents of Discovery,

This week, Discovery had many different activities! We worked on trying to make studio maintenance more efficient and work better. Our week also included Writer’s Workshop  or chocolate making and marketing for the business fair. 

In poetry, Discovery learned about haikus. We made some of our own haikus and researched others. If learners weren’t at that stage of their work they were either working on simile and metaphor bingo or a poster about what is poetry and an example of poetry you like.

For chocolate making, each squad worked on different things. Some squads worked on experimenting with chocolate and trying to make chocolate by melting it and putting it in molds. We also got to try mixing different toppings and fillings into the chocolate we made. Other squads worked on advertising the chocolate for their “business.” 

In Quest we continued developing our business ideas. While some learners are getting feedback on their ideas, other learners are beginning to think about the finances or their business. We started making lists of the materials that we’ll need and figuring out how much it would cost to buy them and how much we’ll need to charge in order to make money. There are many exciting businesses that the learners came up with! Some learners are selling jewelry, some are selling homemade soaps, and others are selling wood crafts. We can’t wait to see them all at the business fair in a few weeks! 

Every Friday, we have someone coming for a Hero’s Visit to share their journey. This week we had Ariel’s dad, Amir come in and share his journey. Thanks for reading this newsletter! Bye.

Written by Discovery learners

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