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Discovery: Session 5, Week 1

Hello Parents!

This week discovery did plenty of fun things like Quest, Writer’s Workshop, Marketing special, and chocolate making special. 

In Quest, we started  Eship which is about preparing for the business fair! We did different activities. First, we started to learn about our motivations and what we enjoy as people. Then we came up with an idea for a business and thought about what we would need for it, a business name, and challenges that we would have with it. After that, we made surveys and got feedback on our businesses.

For Writer’s Workshop, Discovery started poetry. First, we made a poster that we decorated and answered different questions about poetry. What is poetry in your opinion? What are four different types of poetry? We also had to include three examples of poems that we liked on the poster. We also learned about similes and metaphors. After learning about them we created our own metaphors and similes.

In marketing special, we learned different ideas about how to promote the business fair. We had to create our own posters advertising the business fair. After we created our posters we got feedback on our work. 

This week we also started chocolate making special. The first week was all about learning how to work with our team and brainstorming ideas for our chocolate company. We came up with our company name and designed logos for them. 

That’s all for this week!

Written by a Discovery learner

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