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Discovery: Session 2, Week 2

The week started with a Hero’s visit with Taly, the founder of Teva-Land, a non-profit rescue farm. Taly told us all about her inspiring hero’s Journey, and the learners asked many questions about how they rescued all the different types of farm animals. At the second half of the visit, the Falcons met with many rescued animals and interacted with them. Of course, many of the learners, after meeting the animals, wanted to adopt all the different farm animals, and I’m sure you heard all about that already.

Another exciting moment about this week was the writer’s workshop. As you know, the learners are researching and studying “Food Around The World.” That is why this week, each squad had a $40 budget for authentic traditional food from Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. With their squad, they had to choose dishes they had all never tried before. Then, we all walked to the different stores in downtown Closter, and the learners ordered the food from the various restaurants. Make sure to ask your child about what were some new dishes they tried and enjoyed.

Lastly, the week ended with one of the discovery learners graduating into Journey. Aleks shared about her adventures in the discovery studio and everything she is looking forward to with Journey. As the studio sent her off, each learner shared something meaningful with Aleks, and Michal shared some significant moments she had with Aleks.

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