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Discovery: Session 2, Week 2

Greetings Parents,

This week Discovery had CIV, Talent show, and something new— Tree of Civility. The Tree of Civility is a tree with 160 leaves and if you do an act of civility (we decided that the guides have to approve it) then in our closing circle we share those acts and the Discovery learner can roll a die if it rolls on a six than you fill in six leaves. If Discovery fills all the leaves then we get a reward like either movie day with pizza or Discovery also might be going to target with a 5$ limit.

Learners loved CIV. During CIV, Discovery had a very long conversation and talked about Native Americans about how the Native Americans were super kind and helped Christopher Columbus. However we learned that the story is more complicated and the explorers also acted horribly toward the Native Americans.

For the talent show learners continued practicing their acts. Some chose to do a skit ,or a dance, or even singing. Our talented learners practiced their talent show but not all of Discovery was ready. Some of the Discovery learners were still filling out the form for what they wanted to do at the talent show. They also have to get music choices approved by the Excellence Committee to see if it is appropriate and okay for younger children for the talent show.

Written by Discovery learner


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