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Discovery: Session 2, Week 5

This week during Quest, most of Discovery worked on the Naturalization Process which they had to do many challenges like the presidents game and the original 13 colonies. This process happens when you are seeking to become a citizen in the United States. The challenge is to study for the Civics Test and get your citizenship! The learners also did a Kahoot about all they learned during Quest.

During outdoor free time, Discovery made forts out of sticks in the forest, and they also added tarps to their forts. Discovery has one fort they have been building for many years! They even made it waterproof so you can sit in it! (all credit to those who made the forts).

During C.I.V, the learners performed Scene #3 in which they had to make create a performance about Columbus sailing West. His men were planning to push him overboard because the land wasn't spotted. But Columbus said, “ If the land isn't spotted in three more days, we can turn back!” This scene is the climax of the play, where the men almost give up during their challenging journey.

For Art, we had the challenge to make a portrait of other Falcons. Many people were creative with this, some even built houses and more! On another note, most Discovery learners had journey meetings with their parents and their parents probably learned more about them!

Written by: a Discovery learner

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