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Discovery: Session 2, Week 5

Hello fellow parents,

This week the learners have a new system called the Tree of Civility. Basically the Tree of Civility is a drawn tree, and at the end of the day learners say acts of civility that either they saw someone do or they did like helping someone else or being kind. We have to color 126 leaves to get a prize. We still haven’t voted on what the prize is yet. Some learners want to go for bubble tea, and some want to go on a trip to Target!

During quest this week, some Discovery learners worked on the octopus challenge, which consisted of making a coral reef and researching corals. We got to make our reefs out of paper, sponges, and pipe cleaners. Some learners even made theirs out of clay! On monday we have to do an independent deep dive where we choose something about the ocean that interests us or that we like and make a presentation about the topic. Some learners moved to tuna level, which is the next level where we get to learn all about the deep sea.

For Writer’s Workshop, we made our 4th story. Everyone went around and said their favorite three words from a book they’re reading. You had to use those words in your short story! Bye till next week!

Written by Discovery learner

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