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Discovery: Session 2, Week 6

On Thursday morning, Zohar led the morning launch about whether it’s better to have your own business or have a stable job working for someone else. Learners discussed all the risks and rewards involved with starting a business, the issue of having your career be in the hands of someone like a boss versus being in charge of your compensation, and the amount of work and resilience you need to create something successful.

We are getting close to the end of the session, which means we are getting closer to the exhibition! Learners have started planning and preparing for the big day to show off all their best works for you :). Many of the learners find the courage to speak in front of a crowd of people and the subtleties of making everything entertaining for all the parents and friends.

Learners this week also went out on a mini treasure hunt using an app called “Geocaching.” Falcons learned how to navigate a map that led them to a forest, and they found a geocache inside a tree. Since they found the geocache so quickly, they walked half a mile to another geocache close to an abandoned school building. This one was a lot harder to find, but with less than a minute left before we had to head back, Colin discovered the geocache, and learners put their name inside the cache and placed it back. Geocaching was a fun, adventurous activity and would be something entertaining to do with your family! Just download the app “Geocaching.”

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