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Discovery: Session 2, Week 6

As the session comes to an end, Discovery studio engaged in exciting activities like Secret Santa, working on the Exhibition, and celebrating our successful business fair last week by getting ice cream!

For Art History special, the learners had an interesting launch on the different styles that gained popularity during the 20th century. Some of these include cubism, impressionism, and surrealism. We examined artists questions work like Picasso, Cezane, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Degas. Did you know that impressionism is like an optical illusion? Here is one of the question that sparked Discovery’s curisiousty:

What do you think defined an artist “successful” in this era?

-Their skill

-Their uniqueness

-Their fame and/or popularity

-Or something else?

For Art, Discovery was eager to share their challenge for the week, which was to draw a self-portrait of another learner and receive critique. While presented their pieces, the learners gave feedback that was good but also truthful. When the learners are asked to give feedback, the learners sharepresenting their opinion on the finished product, and how the learner could have improved for the next time.

For WW, the learners continued writing their own stories for their picture book. The stories were very interesting, including a lot of detail and even many unique characters!

For the holidays, the learners hosted a special activity called Secret Santa where all their names are placed in a bowl (if they choose to participate) and the person that they pick out, is the one that they have to secretly give a gift to in their cubbies.

Written by: a Discovery learner

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