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Discovery: Session 2, Week 7

The Discovery Learners had a packed last week of session 2! Learners finished Quest this week with a Hero’s visit. Yury is a modern cartographer who works in a nonprofit that ensures neighborhoods are shaped by the people who live in them. She shared with the learners her journey as she worked for big companies in Silicon Valley and then found work more fulfilling working in Ghana with a nonprofit. Yury also talked about how powerful maps can be depending on who is in charge of the map. Maps can be used in ways that are good or bad. Lastly, she looked at many of the maps produced by the learners and gave them warm and excellent feedback.

As we all know we also had the exhibition this week. For those that were there, it’s hard to imagine that the learners did all of that on their own. They picked the songs, choreographed the moves, and found the magic tricks. Every week they got feedback from other learners and got better and better. What started as just an idea at the beginning of November became a reality in mid-December.

Lastly, the last day of AABC for 2021 ended with a fun holiday party. All together, learners from Sparks, Discovery, and Journey joined in festive activities where they exchanged gifts, listened to stories, made candles, and participated in other activities. Happy holidays everyone! And we will see you next year :).

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