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Discovery: Session 2, Week 7

Hello fellow parents, 

This week Discovery did some very intriguing things.  One of the things is Writers Workshop.   Many learners have completed the milestone, meaning they finished their five short stories and their table of context and their cover and back to make their book complete.  

For Quest, learners were able to complete Whale Level which is the last level.  So in other words they completed the quest.  Right behind Whale Level was Shark.  Shark was about researching an animal, drawing it, and, once you do that, you name five body parts of the animal.  For example, a learner could have chosen a tuna and the body parts would be 1st dorsal fin, 2nd dorsal fin, casual peduncle keel, anal fin, and finally the last body part, pelvic fin. Those are the five, you could do more and obviously, there are more on the fish that you are doing. 

Another thing that was very interesting for Discovery this week was the exhibition which your parents might already know about but if you were late then you can just read about it here in this newsletter starting now: the exhibition started off with all the exhibition hosts talking about what the learners were doing this session then all the learners and parents went for the learners to share what they did this session then everyone went to the talent show and we shaw all the cool talents of all the learners.

Written by Discovery learner, edited by Marie

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