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Discovery: Session 3, Week 1

And…. we’re back! We hope everyone had a great break and is excited as we are to come back to AABC :)

With a new session, we have a new quest, Coding, and Robotics! The learners started learning block coding using the online platform At the same time, they were introduced to “mBot,” a robot that they will learn to code and program. They have not yet begun to code the robot, but they are very excited to learn to code and make their new robot friend do some cool tricks.

For Writers Workshop this session, the Falcons are working on short stories. They will write five short stories throughout the session, including a story map and the editing process. Writing a short story is an entirely different challenge than writing a novel, and we are excited to see how the Falcons will thrive with their imagination and creative writing skills.

Maybe the most exciting thing the learners were introduced to this session was the new special: Chocolate making! Each squad will get an opportunity to make different chocolates while at the same time creating a business plan for how they want to advertise and sell their chocolate. They came up with business names like Choco Loco, Chocolate Eagles, CoCo Crazy, and many other ideas. One squad shared their 1-year plan to create a chocolate stand and see which flavors customers liked the best, to scout out locations, and experiment with different wrappers to see what customers are attracted to the most.

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